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Wednesday, 16 October 2019 



Space technologies makes possible a huge number of applications through three enabling tools, namely communication, navigation and positioning, and remote sensing. When all three tools are used together, they open up endless numbers of applications.



When you make a telephone call, when you watch a television show, or when you use the Internet, all your actions are relayed through a communication satellite. In 1945, Arthur C. Clarke predicted in an issue Wireless World, that satellites capable of communicating would one day circle the Earth. In 1947, he became the father of modern communications through inspired discovery of the "Clarke Orbit" (today it is known as the geostationary or geosynchronous orbit) which allowed the development of the first communication satellites.


Meteorology, like any other science, relies heavily on careful and precise measurement of its subject. Meteorologists observe the Earth's atmosphere using two basic approaches: direct methods and indirect methods.

Direct methods, also known as "in place", measure the properties of the air that are in direct contact with the instrument being used. Indirect methods, also known as the remote sensing method, obtain information about the atmosphere without coming into physical contact with the region of atmosphere being observed.

Combined Tools

Precision Farming (Remote Sensing + Navigation + Positioning)

Precision farming, sometimes called site-specific farming, is an emerging technology that allows farmers to adjust for within-field variability in characteristics like soil fertility and weed populations.

The Future

Space manufacturing is the production of manufactured goods in an environment outside a planetary atmosphere. Typically this includes conditions of microgravity and hard vacuum. Manufacturing in space has several potential advantages over Earth-based industry, including:

The unique environment can allow for industrial processes that cannot be readily reproduced on Earth.

Raw materials can be collected and processed from other bodies within the solar system at a relatively low expense compared to the cost of lifting materials into orbit.


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