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Wednesday, 16 October 2019 



Launch vehicle or carrier rocket is a rocket used to carry a payload from the Earth's surface into outer space. A launch system includes the launch vehicle, the launch pad and other infrastructure. Credit to: Launch Vehicle

Fundamental of Rocket Technology

A rocket is a type of engine that pushes itself forward or upward by producing thrust. Unlike a jet engine, which draws in outside air, a rocket engine uses only the substances carried within it. As a result, a rocket can operate in outer space, where there is almost no air. A rocket can produce more power for its size than any other kind of engine. Parts of a rocket include the rocket engine and the equipment and cargo the rocket carries. The four major parts of a rocket are the payload, propellants, the chamber, and the nozzle

Rocket Application

Rocket Application

People use rockets for high-speed, high-power transportation both within Earth's atmosphere and in space. Rockets are especially valuable for launching probes and satellites, military use, atmospheric research, and space travel.  Credit to : NASA_Rocket World Book

History of Rocketry

One of the first devices to successfully employ the principles essential to rocket flight was a wooden bird. The writings of Aulus Gellius, a Roman, tell a story of a Greek named Archytas who lived in the city of Tarentum, now a part of southern Italy. Somewhere around the year 400 B.C., Archytas mystified and amused the citizens of Tarentum by flying a pigeon made of wood. Escaping steam propelled the bird suspended on wires.

Activities conducted in rocket development

The TEDUNG-KILAT Rocket strikes on air

Through the development of aerospace technology which is increasingly attracting the interest of local people, under the unit of Space Application and Technology Division (SATD) from ANGKASA has been acting seriously by placing 3 research officers at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Skudai to conduct a joint research program Rocket Technology Research & Development Project between ANGKASA and UTM. 


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