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Wednesday, 16 October 2019 

Food Technology

Food evaluations are conducted with shuttle flight crews about eight to nine months before the scheduled launch date. During the food evaluation sessions, the astronaut samples a variety of foods and beverages available for flight. 

Crew members choose their menus and can repeat days or not repeat days at their discretion. They plan a breakfast, lunch and dinner; snacks are listed with the meals. Types of food available include rehydratable, thermostabilzed, irradiated and natural form items

Artikel Food in Space

FTS Experiment (Food Tray in Space)               
One of the major complaints by astronauts who spend long periods in space, is usually the lack of variety in the food that they eat during their stay in orbit. Some of the major questions asked were:

  • How has the food that astronauts eat changed over the last 50 years? 
  • What kinds of foods do astronauts eat in space today?
  • What methods are used to prevent food from spoiling? 
  • If you lived in space for a month, what foods do you think you would miss the most?

The objective of the FTS experiment is to increase the variety and quality of food available to crews in space, more specifically the International Space Station (ISS). This will be done by identifying new food items (typical, traditional food) from the Italian Lazio region, to be served in a tray-container as a meal on the ISS. 

FTS will be a demonstration that food items, produced from high quality products, are tasty and nutritious and they don't loose their quality in space flight conditions. Providing more variety and top quality food can also have a positive impact on crew from a psychological point of view for the following reasons:
It makes the stay onboard the ISS more pleasant;

  • Traditional products can act as a reminder for the astronaut of the region or area he comes from;
  • Traditional products may generate positive emotions and feelings relating to the personal life of the astronaut. 

How is it done?
The FTS will consist of a tray-container (approximately 33 x 32 x 8 cm), containing 8 bags of food products from the region of Lazio in Italy, each individually vacuum-packed in certified plastic bags. The experiment will take place once, lasting about 30 minutes and will involve 2 astronauts.

One astronaut will take the tray, open it, and take out one bag at a time. He will taste the food contained in each bag, and he will fill out a questionnaire, which contains a set of questions that the astronaut must answer after tasting each product. The second astronaut records the experiment via still photography.
The results of the test-card will then be analysed upon return to Earth of the tray-container, which will be stored in the returning Soyuz capsule.



Eksperimen FTS (Food Tray in Space)

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