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Wednesday, 16 October 2019 

Communication Satellite

Communication Satellite Summary

Satellite communication is a key element in current era of globalization and the role of communication becomes important. Therefore, the Division of Space Application and Technology Development (SATD) which was established in 2007, is responsible for planning and implementing programs under the National Space Agency (ANGKASA) to ensure that countries can fully benefit from the application of space technology in all areas and sectors users in the optimum and safe.

National Communication Satellite

National Communication Satellite Development Program

The main objective of this development project is to provide secure Satellite Communication and Network services to Malaysian Government including Defence and Civil applications. Besides, this project has capability to develop and create advance satellite communication technology opportunities and widen base offerings of space technology.


Proposed Communication Satellite features:

Fundamental of Communication Satellite

A satellite communications system uses satellites to relay radio transmissions between earth terminals. A passive satellite only reflects received radio signals back to earth. An active satellite acts as a repeater; it amplifies signals received and then retransmits them back to earth. This increases signal strength at the receiving terminal to a higher level than would be available from a passive satellite. Credit to: Satcomm system

Application of Satellite Communication

Artificial earth satellites have been used for more than 40 years and satellite communications form a unique part of daily routine life which serving billions of people and granting access to a vast range of voice, data and video telecommunication applications.

Why we need satellite communication? Satellite communication able to provide:

Communication Satellite History


Overview on satellite communication

Satellite communication began with Sputnik launch 4th Oct 1957 (i.e beacon transmitter, no communication services capability). First true communication satellite was launched in July 1962 (Telstar I) & May 1963 (Telstar II) .First Geo Satellite is Syncom III in Aug. 1964 (one TV channel & several 2-way telephone connections capability) at 180oE. First DBS satellite is in 1987 by TVSAT. Credit to: Satcom_history

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