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The role of National Space Agency CIO (ANGKASA): -

  1. Prepare an Agency Information Technology Strategic Plan that contains planning of IT usage in support for achievement of agency goals;
  2. Strengthening and integrating cross-functional processes between departments to produce more efficient and effective services;
  3. Develop, manage and manage a fully secure and secure IT system and infrastructure and based on modular features, connectivity, inter-operability and portability;
  4. Determining the direction of the agency application system to reduce the time and cost of development, maintenance and operation;
  5. Preserving the integrity of electronic data, promoting information sharing and providing methods for the dissemination of information electronically to authorized users either within or outside the agency;
  6. Member in Planning and Development Committee or Main Committee formulating policy and directly responsible to the Director General;
  7. Promote effective IT usage and in tandem to achieve agency strategic goals and act as an agent and change pioneer (champion of change); and
  8. Lead and involve agency in government efforts to develop and implement Public IT sector projects that bring changes in the management and administration of the Public Service.