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     The development of Malaysia Space Centre began towards the end of 2004. This centre is situated in a 400 acre land in Sungai Lang, Banting, Selangor. The first phase involved the development of the Mission Operations Centre (MOC) and was completed in 5th May 2005.


Mission Operations Centre

     The function of the Mission Operations Centre is to control and maintain the satellites operations and this centre is equipped with communications equipment capable of communicating with the satellites launched into lower orbits and middle orbits (LEO & MEO).


Role of Mission Operation Centre

     The main role of the Mission Operations Centre (MOC) is Tracking, Telemetry dan Monitoring (TT&C) of satellites.  MOC consists of Mission Station Control (MSC) and Image Receiving & Processing Station (IRPS). MOC is responsible for: In-Orbit Commissioning of national satellites. In-Orbit operations of national satellites.

     Supporting national space earth-to-earth and space-to-earth communication requirement. Providing international access for collaboratives values in tracking, command and control of satellites. In August 2005 the RazakSAT(TM) Callibration Lab began development and will be completed and ready to utilized in the first quater of year 2006.


Site Location

     Lot 2233, Jalan Turi, Kampung Sungai Lang, 42700 Banting, Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Click here for Malaysia Space Centre brochure 
Click here for Malaysia Space Centre brochure 
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