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Infrastructure Introduction

Space System Development and Operation Division (BPOA)

Objective and Function

The Space System Development and Operation division was established in accordance with ANGKASA’s mission with two main functions, namely

  1. to provide space system based-related infrastructure to propel the country towards becoming the leading centre for operation, testing, research and development in Asia region;
  2. to foster and nurture the development of science, technology and space system based-related research through ideas and inventions that are innovative and creative with international standard.

Functions of BPOA Division are as follows:

  • Perform the operation of earth stations and satellite communications systems;
  • Perform calibration and characterisation of optical systems for space applications and other related applications;
  • Conduct operation of testing and measurement of mechanical, electrical and environmental applications parameters for aerospace, automotive and so on;
  • Conduct research activities related to the development of space technology covers application and equipment.


The services offered as follow:

  1. Testing and Measurement for Satellite Assembly, Integration and Test Facility (AIT)
  2. Tracking, Telemetry & Control (TT&C) of space objects service
  3. Radiometric Calibration and Characterization

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